APHIS Release New Publications on

Bear Care


On October 10, 2018, USDA-APHIS Animal Care published 4 new documents and manuals directly related to Bear care. Some zoo’s and business owners have been reporting a large bump in the anti-activity by the animal-rights groups against those zoo’s and business owners that have bears. These new publications have now appeared without any notice to “actual” stakeholders.

The publications are:

– Bears Nutrition and Winter Lethargy
– Bears Husbandry and Habitat
– Veterinary Care for Bears
– Environmental Enrichment for Bears


One licensee pointed out to us that it was no surprise that these documents are very vague and appeared without any notice, (as to date). This combined with the large bump in animal-rights groups targeting bear owners and zoo’s, plus the established past history that APHIS will “weaponize” such new items against licensee’s, those licencees should be aware of these new documents.