Case Finding


How the USDA/APHIS conducts predetermined inspection reports
and the chronic misuse of their authority. 

-“APHIS conducting biased investigations initiated and conducted with the obvious intent according to a predetermined conclusion.” [page 4]

The United States Department of Agriculture, Animal Plant Health Inspection Service, (APHIS) over the past several years has begun a relentless bombardment of unfair practices, to the point of the illegal acts to deprive licensees of their right and fair ability to conduct business in a regulated commerce. Many stories have been told and conversations had by such licensees over the years of such acts by inspectors, even to the extent of many recorded inspections and the unbelievable biased, predetermined approach, flawed inspection procedures, and misuse of their official capacity to predetermined inspection outcomes in a direct, deliberate and collaborated effort to harm licensees unfairly. Continue reading “Case Finding: How the USDA/APHIS conducts predetermined inspection reports”