FWC-LogoCarole Baskin: Master Manipulator! On November 07, 2014, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) made an unannounced visit to inspect Carole Baskin’s Big Cat Rescue and found a whopping 77 violations that day!  Violations consisting of enclosures with trees that grew through the cage tops breaking the wire, trees that grew through cages and died, rust and corrosion on many, many of the cages, dead limbs and debris weighing down the tops of many cages, broken cage support poles, Broken cage door supports, hog rings used to hold cages together were disconnected, in other words, not holding cages together, grass needing removed, cages not having been raked or cleaned, a water dish so filthy the FWC said it needed to be replaced, and one enclosure didn’t even have the top panel connected to the cage! When confronted with these violations, Carole Baskin starts up her manipulation machine then asks the followers on her Facebook page to chime in.  She actually turned the word “Violation”, a word the FWC used many times in their report, into “Suggestion” stating that anyone who called them violations were misquoting the FWC.  Her word change, in effect, changed the entire focus of the FWC report. Continue reading “Carole Baskin: Master Manipulator! FWC slams BCR in recent inspection, OVER 70 violations !”